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Skinny girls like Kate Moss need Fit Britches too!

It is important to understand that even if you have lovely curves or a skinny beach bod, sometimes you still need a little support. After a big meal out or a night on the town drinking, tummies start to bulge and your outfit can turn from dazzling to disastrous! But don’t worry… that’s where our Fit Britches shapewear for women come in.

To point out exactly what we mean when we say even skinniest of girls need a boost from time to time, take a look at this image of Kate Moss. 

Source: Tomima

Even models, whose whole career depends on being slim, have imperfections. In this case, Kate’s kangaroo pouch stomach bulges through to make her maxi dress look unflattering. What she needs is our skinny collection to save the day!

Fit Britches control panties are the hi-tech modern day womens girdles; high technology shapewear infused with health benefits too. When you wear a pair of our slimming undergarments, you will automatically feel the difference as it lifts and shapes the bottom. They are also tight, tummy control garments that acts as a tummy control belt. This means that however much you eat or drink, you will be able to look and feel confident all day and night. Additionally, and differing from other types of shapewear, our innovatively designed skinny short is the only product on the market that is clinically proven to lose inches off the waist, hips and thighs and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

How? We hear you ask. Well we use a special yarn which actually helps to intensify blood flow in the body and, in turn, heightens metabolism in the wearer. And the best part is no one will know you are wearing them. The slimming panty fits so snug to your body’s curves that you will not see any hem or cut off point from the shorts themselves; they are totally discreet whether you are wearing jeans or your favourite skimpy skirt. You will feel a slight tingly warmth in the shorts as they set to work, but you will get used to this in no time and actually start to enjoy it! Fit Britches are the best shapewear out there, allowing you to eat and drink as much as you like, while appearing to have lost weight. So what are you waiting for? Drop a dress size in minutes when you purchase any item from our skinny collection today.



Written by Ms Fit Britch — March 08, 2013

Could new mum Drew Barrymore be wearing our Fit Britches Skinny Short?

Yummy Mummy Drew Barrymore’s slimming secret is out! … She wears a slimming panty too! We can quite clearly see the lovely actress’s shapewear peeping through under her long, flowing dress at the New York Fashion Week. The question is… could she be wearing our very own Fit Britches Skinny Short

Source: handbag

Drew is a new mum and celebrity icon, and seeing her sporting her shapewear at such prestigious event shows that post baby mums (even celebrity mums) need a confidence boost too; and this boost comes in the form of shapewear. Drew has recognised that she needs a little support, especially since recently giving birth, and is using the shapewear to boost her self-esteem. You see, any outfit will feel better on you when you feel great about yourself. See, having a baby is a truly magical time. But, boy, does it come at a price! Unfortunately, giving birth completely changes your body shape, and with pregnancy itself causing you to pile on the pounds, it is easy to find yourself struggling to lose that excess weight. But don’t worry, this is where we come in. We want to help you tackle those kangaroo pouch stomachs that your little cherubs have so kindly blessed you with and transform you into a yummy mummy. But how? We hear you cry. The answer… Fit Britches.

Fit Britches are the Hi-Tech modern day girdle, designed to not only make you appear to drop a dress size, but also aid weight loss and act as an anti cellulite slimming panty. The high technology shapewear is packed with infused health benefits too. Our shapewear is made from innovative yarn and works with your body shape to help you lose inches off your waist, hips and thighs.

Founder of Fit Britches and pioneering business woman, Farnaz Khan, had just given birth to her fourth child when she thought up the revolutionary idea to create a slimming panty that can actually help to take inches off those wobbly bits we so despise.

“Time and time again I faced the same predicament like many post pregnancy women of trying to regain my pre pregnancy figure.”

With a new born baby to focus her attention on, Farnaz had no time or energy to go to the gym and extensively involve herself in diet and exercise. She had a cousins wedding to attend to and tried the old ‘wrapping up in cling film’ idea. However, and as you may probably have guessed, this was not effective and mum, Farnaz had come to the end of her tether. Ever the entrepreneur, she set to work and started doing her research. She found that the correct combination of heat and compression helps to stimulate weight loss, and so decided to put this technology into a modern day girdle. She found that Fit Britches lifts and shapes the bottom, whilst tackling weight loss in places that are hard to reach even in the gym! Once again, Farnaz has regained her youthful pre-pregnancy figure, and all thanks to her fantastic Fit Britches skinny shorts invention.

And for a limited time, we have a crazy 60% off offer that you simply cannot afford to miss! What are you waiting for? Even the celebrities are getting on board!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Fit Britches Skinny Shorts are £19.99 FROM £49.99 enter code TW60 at the end of the checkout!!!


Written by Ms Fit Britch — March 01, 2013

Wear Fit Britches for that much needed confidence boost.

Fit Britches shapewear have been innovatively designed to make you look and feel your absolute best wherever you may be. Our goal is to make you drop a dress size in 60 seconds… and that is a guarantee!

Last week, our very own Farnaz (founder of the revolutionary skinny collection) had the honour of being shortlisted for entrepreneur of the year. She was alongside the incredibly influential and hugely successful business man, James Caan (yep, that’s right... the one from Dragon’s Den!) James has always been an inspiration to Farnaz and she was very excited to be nominated in the same category as him.

Fit Britches are also currently shortlisted in the New Business of the Year award category. Visit inspirationalwomenawards.org.uk to take a look!

Farnaz with role model James Caan at the AWA awards ceremony last year.

However, at prestigious events such as the BMA awards (and any big night out you ladies might have on the horizon) there comes the issue of what to wear to ensure you are looking your very best. There is always that added pressure when attending such an event that you are going to be outshone by a load of women with perfect figures. It is therefore essential that we are looking glam, fabulous and slim, which means all the more reason to tuck in that tummy and hold in those thighs.

Sainsbury’s conducted a survey of 2000 women to see what exactly makes ladies feel their ultimate best. A whopping 77% of women believed that what they wear on a day to day basis does affect their confidence. Above all, wearing the right underwear is up on the women’s list of things that can make you feel a million dollars. Check out the Sainsbury’s blog to see for yourself how it has been proven that what you wear has a huge impact on how you feel. http://j-sainsbury.co.uk/blog/2013/01/its-official-what-you-wear-impacts-how-you-feel/

When you wear a slimming panty from our skinny collection, you will instantly feel like a star. Effortlessly holding you tightly in, you needn’t worry about being unable to squeeze yourself into that figure hugging dress. In today’s day and age, there are a variety of modern day girdles available on the high street and online that offer the appearance of a slimmer figure and claim to hold your wobbly bits in. However, Fit Britches not only temporarily make you appear slimmer and suck you in, they have been scientifically proven to help with weight loss and fight off fat and cellulite.

Let’s have another look at the fabulous Farnaz, looking dazzling as ever with her trusty slimming shorts under her elegant evening dress to help her through the night. We can quite clearly see from this picture that the slimming short has worked with the natural curves of Farnaz’s figure to sculpt her body shape. Her bottom has been lifted and raised and her stomach looks naturally flat and toned. Notice how subtle the shaping shorts are as well… They are completely invisible to the naked eye!

Farnaz looking and feeling great in her Fit Britches.

As well as the amazing slimming results that are achieved from wearing our shorts, the most important thing to notice about women wearing Fit Britches are their radiant smiles. See, Fit Britches really do allow you to look your best and feel confident while you’re in the spotlight; confident enough to walk into any room with sparkle.

“Though the ceremony was rather nerve wracking, I had my fit britches on which really gave me that confidence boost I needed. That confidence showed in me throughout the night, even after I ate all that lovely food!”

Farnaz was not only able to enjoy her evening while feeling slim and confident, but was also able to eat whatever she liked and didn’t need to worry about feeling bloated, as from the very moment you slip into your slimming underwear you already lose inches off your waist hips and thighs. You can’t get much better than that!



Written by Ms Fit Britch — February 13, 2013

How to get the perfect celebrity figure


Source: PA

Celebrity: Tulisa Constavlos

Problem: Tight fitting body-con dress

Solution: Fit Britches skinny collection


Here, we have the gorgeous Tulisa Constavlos at her birthday celebrations. She is wearing a tightly fitted body-con dress that leaves little of her body shape to the imagination. It is essential, when wearing a dress such as this, to hold yourself in tightly with our Fit Britches slimming wear.

Not only will Fit Britches make you appear slimmer by pulling you in nicely and firmly underneath clothes, they also trigger weight loss when worn regularly. Fit Britches have been developed from specially designed fibres that have been clinically proven to encourage fat and cellulite reduction. How? We hear you ask. Well our secret is in the innovative yarn that is embedded throughout our slimming short. When your body moves in Fit Britches, the yarn reacts with the skins movement and actually increases the body’s metabolism. As well as increased metabolism, the body’s blood flow is heightened which results in the stimulated lymphatic draining system.

In other words, Fit Britches have been scientifically proven to help you ‘melt away’ unwanted fat and toxins.
And don’t worry, although the yarn sounds like it may be uncomfortable and hot on your body, this is not the case. The fibres work very subtly, and you won’t feel uncomfortable at all. We have worked hard to ensure that all fibres in our body shaping shorts will go unnoticed, allowing you to wear that figure hugging body-con dress and look just as glamorous as Tulisa!



Written by Ms Fit Britch — January 28, 2013

Come on ladies, Shape & Share!

For a limited time only we are proud to present you with our new shape & share campaign!

There is nothing we love to see more than how you lovely ladies look and feel now you wear our life changing Fit Britches. We want you to show and tell us (and other women out there) exactly how you feel our collection has changed and reshaped your life. So we would like to urge any of you out there who have purchased anything from our skinny range to Shape & Share with us today!

All you have to do is send in a review describing how you feel wearing our shape wear has affected your life and send us a couple of piccies so we can all see the great results! There are also fabulous offers especially for you if you share your stories with us (more on this below.)

Let’s have a look at three of our customers who decided to Shape & Share and see for ourselves the undeniable difference Fit Britches has had on their figure, not to mention their ever growing confidence.

Nasreen’s story – From a size 14 to a 12 overnight!

“I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and sometimes my clothes fit and
sometimes they don't. I can easily fluctuate from a 12 to 14 overnight and
back to 12 a few days later. As a result I have 2 wardrobes.

Fit Britches has helped enormously as I no longer need to have 2 wardrobes!
I can wear them and still manage to fit into my size 12's. They were
uncomfortable to begin with but by the end of the day I forgot they were

- Nasreen Karim, Bradford 

Nasreen - feeling young, slim and confident again in her skinny shorts.
Nasreen - feeling young, slim and confident again in her skinny shorts.

Eliza – Went on a shopping spree after becoming so happy with her results.

I've always been self-conscious about my legs and whilst I've tried exercise, I'm still not confident about my body. Fit Britches have really changed that - the difference is immediate, so much so, that I ran out to buy myself a new short dress to celebrate! I wear them now most days as leggings and dread to think what I'm going to wear instead when these go in the wash.

Fit Britches are the ultimate confidence booster. I've never been one for shapewear but these are comfy, stylish (I wear them as leggings) and work instantly. I even had to buy a new dress to celebrate my new legs!

- Eliza Flynn, London
Just look at Eliza’s new found radiant and confident smile, all thanks
to Fit Britches. She can even tuck into her favourite
dessert, knowing her skinny leggings will hold her in!

Michaela banishes her ‘muffin tops’ for good!

"Since having children, I have what are called 'muffin tops' meaning I have a bulge of skin around my hips/waist. I never wear tight clothing due to this and usually will opt for something baggy. Trying the Fit Britches I was sceptical as to whether they would actually make me look better and was shocked at the results.

They kind of moulded my shape and pushed in my hips and waist to make me look slimmer. Even though I can feel them pushing me in, they are not uncomfortable at all. They're actually quite soft and nice to wear."

- Michaela Britton

Here, we can see the tremendous difference Fit Britches have had to Michaela’s physique. Her tummy has been pulled right in, and looks almost unrecognisable! Now she can be happy and confident to wear those tight, skimpy outfits she would have never dreamed of wearing before purchasing our shorts. Well done Nasreen, Eliza and Michaela for sharing with us, there is no denying you both now look a million dollars.

Now, not only are you spreading the word to other women who struggle with the same insecurities you once did, but there are a range of fabulous offers and perks available to you if you decide to Shape & Share! We are proud to have you as our customers and for your loyalty are giving you the chance to...





There is nothing more important to us than our customers and how they look and feel, so your say is absolutely pivotal to us.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved, be proud with the results, and don’t be shy to share the new you!

To Shape & Share today, send us your product review and some pictures to info@fitbritches.com with the subject as ‘Shape & Share.’

Written by Ms Fit Britch — January 17, 2013

10 Must Do’s for a beautiful, head-turning figure

As seen on This Morning, star Gemma Collins from The Only Way Is Essex, picks Fit Britches as her favourite shape wear! We can see in this image, a model wearing our fabulous skinny shorts and looking great! 


If your new year’s resolution is to lose some post holiday weight, we insist you try a pair of our skinny range today. They not only allow you to drop a dress size instantly, but they act as a stimulant for weight loss as well, reducing the appearance of cellulite, increasing the body’s blood flow, and heightening your metabolism.

As well as wearing your Fit Britches, it is also important to follow these 10 steps to allow you to look and feel a million dollars.

  1. Decide which parts of your body you are unhappy with and really want to focus on changing. Take a picture of your absolutely worst assets (whether it be the bingo wings or wobbling thighs) and stick it up on your bedroom wall. This will motivate you to get up and go every morning and change the parts of you that make you most self conscious. Beside the picture of yourself, write down the amount of weight you hope to lose in a weeks time. 
  2. Get into that fridge and be brutal. Get rid of any junk you have in your fridge and cupboards and replace everything with healthy foods and snacks. For instance, exchange those fatty cheese slices with crunchy, delicious carrot sticks. If you have a favourite food you find too difficult to say goodbye to forever, don’t panic. Put the food in a box and tape it up and hide it from your view. You do not have to say goodbye forever. (We will come back to this!)
  3. Kick start each day with a large bowl of fruit. This is not only very healthy for you, but many fruits (like bananas) help to speed up your metabolism and therefore increase weight loss.
  4. Make sure your new diet is rich in proteins, be it eggs, meat, fish and so on. The proteins will give your body energy.
  5. Always drink water! We’re talking 2 litres a day if you can manage it. Drinking lots of water is essential for weight loss for a variety of reasons. First of all, when you replace water from fizzy, sugary drinks, you are allowing your body a completely calorie free form of hydration. Alongside this, water acts as a natural hunger suppressant, which means that if you drink a large glass of water when you feel hungry, the need to indulge may well be lifted. So try it, when you are feeling really peckish, first have a glass of water and then see how hungry you feel!
  6. Veer away from bloating beers and sugary cocktails at the bar. Opt for the alcohol which contains the least calories, which just so happens to be the spirits. Instead of a heavy, filling pint of beer, go for the light and refreshing gin and tonic or vodka, diet lemonade and lime.
  7. Make sure you are doing as much cardio as you possibly can. See if you can alter your lifestyle a little to fit in some extra exercise. For example, could you walk or cycle to work instead of driving? Could you park a little further away from your destination and walk/run the rest of the way? Why not try running up the stairs instead of walking? There are lots of little things you can do to introduce fitness into your lifestyle and they needn’t be expensive or too intense either. Did you know that shopping and sex are even a type of cardio as they burn off calories too!
  8. Join a gym. If you have the money to do so, the gym is the perfect outlet to motivate yourself to work out. With others around you, with the same goal of shaping up and losing that extra weight, it will keep your motivation heightened. Once in the gym, stick to the machines and exercises that you feel most comfortable doing and enjoy the most. This will ensure that you keep on attending and don’t start to slack off.
  9. If you are unable to join a gym or do not have the time to go, make sure you do regular exercise either way. Each morning and evening do a set of push-ups and sit-ups to keep you toned and trim.
  10. Now for the moment of truth. Set yourself a time of the week that you will weigh in. That’s right; put your new healthy lifestyle to the ultimate test. If you have lost your goal amount for that week, it is time to find that treat tin you hid away at the start of the week and treat yourself with one goody. You deserved it. Unfortunately, if you slacked a little and didn’t reach your goal for that week, you don’t get to enjoy the reward and must wait till next week. This will most definitely ensure you try harder next time!

If you follow these 10 steps you are well on the way to becoming the new you. And when you are struggling and really feel like you want to revert back to your previous lifestyle, take a look at that picture hanging on the wall and remind yourself that you weren’t truly happy this way. Being fit and healthy really does result in being happy. Good luck!



Written by Ms Fit Britch — January 21, 2013

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