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I have received the wrong item | my order is defective or damaged 
We are sorry, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please contact info@fitbritches.com within 7 days to arrange a replacement order.
To return the product(s) simply pack the goods into their original packaging, enclose the a copy of the receipt and post to:

Fit Britches aka 8 London (International) Ltd
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When will my order be shipped
See Delivery times for detail. You will receive an email confirming when your order is shipped from the warehouse with tracking details. Contact info@fitbritches.com should your order be late.

My order is late
The majority of our orders are delivered within the Delivery times detailed, we apologise if this has not happened on this occasion. Please contact info@fitbritches.com and we will investigate.

I am missing an item from my order
We have a strict dispatch procedure and can usually verify all dispatches. In some cases your items may be packed in separate parcels and will sometimes be delivered at different times. Please check the items listed on your despatch note. If you are missing an item that is not listed please allow longer for it to be delivered.
If you are missing an item listed on the despatch note, please contact us info@fitbritches.com.


How do I place an order
Click on Shop Now and select your item. Choose your Size and Colour, then ADD TO BASKET. To select more than one item, go through the process again. You can view / amend your basket (at the top of the page) at any time.
If you experience problems with Internet Explorer we recommend trying Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome. If you are on a corporate network, the firewall may interfere with our site so it’s best to try from home.


How do I use my discount code
Once you have selected your item(s) and added them to your Basket, proceed to checkout.
Enter your email, billing address and shipping address, then continue to the next step.
Here you can enter your discount code.Please make sure that enter the code in its entirety so there are no mistakes.
Only one code can be used per order and the code will only be valid for the product it has been purchased for.
If your code doesn’t seem to be working on our website, please contact us and we will check it for you.

I’m having problems paying
Please ensure that you fill in all boxes with a red * with the correct information. Please do not put any spaces or dashes ( – ) in between numbers or in your email address.
If your product is being delivered to a country which does not have a zip code, please enter ‘000’ into the postcode box to proceed with your order.
If you are paying from overseas, please ensure that your bank is allowing the transaction to go through as some banks automatically block foreign transactions.
If you receive an ‘invalid’ error message it can help to put ‘11111111’ in the telephone number field.


How do I wear Fit Britches?

Many an unsuspecting shapewear customer has made the mistake of trying to pull on a body-shaping cami or slip over her head, only to find herself trapped in it.  The nature of shapewear fabric and its tight fit cause this outcome.  Therefore always step into your shapewear garments (including tops) and work your way up. Our little garments will open up and mould you into shape.


What Size Should I order?

Sizing information for all Fit Britches products can be found on our size chart. Please note that the sizing is very snug, so if you are in between sizes we advise that you choose the larger size.

I have taken measurements but your size chart is indicating a larger size than my normal dress size?

This is perfectly normal and does NOT mean you are a larger dress size. Fits varies from brand to brand, in our case our garments are compression garments which fits are snug and completely different to conventional dresses or jeans.

My garments look small?

This is normal. Our garments are compression garments and fit like tights. Your first few hours might take some getting used to but after you have adapted to your Britches they will feel like second skin. There is minimum seams and it's advance seamless construction is designed to give you complete freedom.

How should my Fit Britches product fit?

The tightness of the product is largely dependent on body shape. For example, it may be tight on the hips and slightly loose on the waist, or vice versa. It is the material which is the magical ingredient, so it doesn’t matter too much if the product isn’t tight.

Please note, however, that the product should not be tight to the extent of hurting your body.

Read our 7 Shapewear don'ts

Should I go for a smaller size?

When shopping for shapewear, make sure to buy products that reflect your true size. Trying to squeeze into a smaller size will only create problem areas and also can be a health risk. As you will be wearing these garments for most of the day it is important to ensure they fit comfortably therefore we strongly advise you to take your measurements and select your 

size accordingly.


How do I wash my product?
You can wash the product as many times as you want. Please adhere to the washing label.

Washing will not limit the product’s longevity.

In summary:

-30 degrees wash cycle

-No bleaching

-No tumble dry

-No ironing

Can I put them in a dryer?
No, we strongly recommend that you do not tumble dry them. Your product will quickly dry on a line dryer or on a mild-temperature radiator.
Can I wash them as many times as I want?
Yes. Washing will not limit the product’s longevity.

How does my Fit Britches product work?
Fit Britches has been Fit Britches has been developed using intelligent technologies in fibre and knitting. The special yarn is the key ingredient, emitting heat when it touches the skin (but not enough to be noticed by the wearer).

For more information, read about our Skinny Technology.

How long will my Fit Britches product be effective?
Fit Britches products are durable and will be effective for as long as you continue to wear them. However, as with any clothing product, over time and with wear their appearance may change.

When shall I wear Fit Britches?
For best results wear your garment for 6 hours a day for a minimum of 30 consecutive days.
We recommend that you wear Fit Britches during the day when your body will be more active, you may wish to include wearing them during exercising for optimum results.

Can Fit Britches be worn at night?

Yes you can wear Fit Britches whenever you want but our recommendation is to wear them during the day, every day for 30 consecutive days.

Can I wear my own underwear with Fit Britches?

You can wear however you like but Fit Britches requires full skin contact to be effective.

What if I need to go to the lavatory?

It is important that you relieve yourself as soon as possible as delaying can lead to bladder and water infections. Make sure your britches are comfortable to put on and take off.

Can I Substitute Exercise for Fit Britches?

No! Wear Fit Britches shape wear as part of a healthy regime. Get regular exercise and diet for optimum results to ensure that you will look and feel FIT for years to come.

Can I wear Fit Britches if I have a medical condition?

Fit Britches is like any other conventional clothing product but we can not give medical advice and recommend you check with your doctor.

Can I wear Fit Britches pre pregnant or post pregnancy?

Whilst we understand some women wear support garments during or post pregnancy we can not give medical advice and recommend you check with your midwife or doctor.

Are Fit Britches no VPL?

Fit Britches is designed to fit discreetly under your clothes as a layering piece but we are a planning to launch a VPL range soon.


I have more questions or have a query that is not covered above how do I contact you?

We will be happy to answer any queries you have please email us info@fitbritches.com we aim to respond within 72 working hours.

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